If you have a Traffic Gard or similar Handlan and have a minute please check your globe(s). If it’s not listed on this table we’d really appreciate more info and maybe a jpg, description, or snail-mail photo.

Your contribution might help us better determine when and by whom these globes were made. At the moment the variations are elusive. Contact trafficgard administrator.






Cobalt Blue

True Green

Signal Green

2-piece unmarked w/no sight

2.38 x
2.89 x

2-piece EMBURY NO.40 w/no sight

2.47 x 2.88 x 3.31

3-piece EMBURY NO.40 w/no sight

2.48 x 2.88 x 3.32

3-piece EMBURY NO.40 w/ sight

2.48 x 2.92 x 3.25

2-piece DIETZ No.40 w/ sight

2.34 x 2.87 x 3.23

3-piece DIETZ No.40 w/ sight

2.44 x 2.88 x 3.29

3-piece HANDLAN No.57 w/ sight

2.44 x 2.87 x 3.27

3-piece HANDLAN w/ sight

2.43 x 2.87 x 3.23

Dietz numbered 855plain


Dietz 855 unmarked plain


(“size”, in inches: inside diameter and outside diameter [both top and bottom] followed by diameter at center.  Approx height 3.25".)

Mold: Close examination of these Fresnel globes against a light or from the inside when clean will reveal either TWO vertical opposite join lines or THREE.

Marks: Marked as indicated; the original “unmarked” Emburys do have “slim” markings on the very top: TOP NO. 401. FRESNEL EMBURY MFG. CO. WARSAW N.Y. A recent find was an "unmarked" clear globe, TOP-NO.40C FRESNEL EMBURY MFG. CO. WARSAW N.Y.
Two-piece globes marked EMBURY NO.40 (with no flame sight) have been found with only TOP on the very top rim.
Other subtle differences have appeared on the "marked" globes such as 40 with a closed diagonal 4 or a square open 4; with or without a period after the 40.

Peephole: Embury introduced this "flame sight" on the Model 40 in 1952. Some Fresnel globes have a small round indentation in the middle of the globe to better see the flame. Sometimes referred to a bullseye but it’s not. The latter term refers to a magnifying “eye” glass.

Color: Red (including red flashed clear), Clear, Amber, Blue cobalt and Green (later signal green).

#855: It's believed that the red 855 was offered but never made. (Former Dietz employees have stated that they were made but to date none have surfaced.) Amber #855 is usually seen with Consolidated Edison Traffic Gards. At the end of production Dietz bought cases of Handlan red Fresnel globes to close out.  *The 855 measures 2.62 x 2.97 x 3.51 and will not fit a Handlan 57.

Updated March 15, 2005