The Traffic Gard Kerosene Lantern
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As a supplement to the popular Model 2000, at some point during 1946-1948 the #57 was first offered and probably in direct competition and response to the Dietz Model 40 since this lantern has been found finished in various colors with a red or amber globe marked "HANDLAN No 57" or "HANDLAN" being the same size as the Model 40's. A unique selling point was that the 57's uprights were wire and didn't obstruct the signal as might the Model 40's stamped uprights.   On the other hand these wires provide little real support and protection for the globe and have been known to easily fail. (Some type 1s even had a centered "finger" bail similar to the Embury/Dietz types 1 and 2.) 


[Type H1SD] 



[Type H1]

There are actually two distinct variations of this first generation model...

The lantern on the left we'll call the [H1BF]. The one on the right is a regular [H1]. Note that the [H1BF] has a clip attached to the base.



The [H1BF] opens at the base. The globe is secured to a device that stays in the dome, but can be removed. Less than 150 of these were made when it was discovered that the device holding the globe was too secure - the glass globe couldn't expand/contract at all when necessary due to heating/cooling and would break. (This may have been more of a function of varying inside diameters as shown on the GLOBE page.)







The [H1] on the other hand is very similar to a Dietz Traffic Gard ... Only the dome opens.






Both variations fully disassembled with the burner absent and globe removed.








The above type was produced up to 1957. Discontinued when it was found that the bottom tank seam would develop leaks upon impact. As a result this variation was introduced:


[Type H2]

The 2nd generation lantern height is the same as a Dietz Model 40 however in this variation the base diameter is smaller. It uses a #2 slip-fit burner with a 1/4" wick and appears interchangeable with the Dietz #40 burner. The globe part number was 58. Production continued until the St . Louis plant was closed on April Fools Day, 1964.

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