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Embury offered the Model 40 with red, clear, or green Fresnel globes marked "EMBURY NO. 40" or "unmarked". The ad doesn't mention the paint finish of the frame, but red is believed to be standard, although other colors including Embury's green have been noted.

As mentioned this was a revolutionary new lantern. The globe was new and unique and the overall design provided an enhanced signal. Plus it was streamlined like the new cars of the period. No more barn or railroad lanterns in the city streets!  “The one purpose lantern designed to provide better protection at lower cost.”

When first introduced it was to be available in bright tin with a ruby globe.

The earliest design had a nice-looking latch that held the dome down but at some point was replaced with a much more utilitarian clamp. In addition to that enhancement two distinct lantern variations are known:

Type 1 - the original Embury design

Type 2 - the transition modifications