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Fuel caps for the #40 and #57:

Embury: Except for any Dietz/Embury "cross-over" models the Embury fuel cap will not exchange with a Dietz fuel cap. An early Chalwyn cap may work . Kirkman now stocks these.

Dietz: Early caps were made in the U.S. Later caps were probably made in Hong Kong and/or China. They do not interchange. Kirkman has the pre-1956 caps (that also fit Paull's and perhaps early Handlan 2000s).

Handlan: Two or more types exist: shallow and deep one-piece metal. Good luck! (V&O #1000 caps seem to fit most #57 lanterns.)


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One item to note.  Some burners seem to have no adjustment knob.   Usually this was on purpose.  Both Dietz and Handlan offered "keyed" wick  raisers.  A special little key (Dietz and Handlan were completely  different) were needed to keep little fingers from messing with the flame.


The original, and best  working, round wick was grey felt.  Later a pink felt wick was  available.  More recently cotton and white felt wicks have been offered.   Even some cotton clothes-line has been found to suffice.  For the flat-wick  burners any common 3/8" wick works.


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